Wow... These are Expensive Antiques and Collectibles!
These antiques are NOT your usual flea market items -- Look at the prices these antiques and collectibles sold for! 

Chippendale antique secretary: originally made by the Goddard-Townsend family of cabinet-makers.  Estimates are that no more than 7 were ever made. A very similar piece (a Nicholas Brown antique secretary) made around 1760 sold at a Christie's auction for... 


That figure remains the highest price ever paid at auction for a piece of American furniture. 

No Image Available for this antique item.

A 1732 French silver tureen made by T. Germain tripled the world record at an astoundingly expensive price of just over... 


For the rest of us, a tureen is a BOWL for gosh sakes! 


Not the actual item. Duh... 

A jar ... 


Okay... it was really old (like from the 17th century) and shaped like a dragon, but really it's just a jar!  

It happened at another Christie's collectible auction in New York and it doubled the existing world record price for a Asian work artifact.  

Our favorite! 

The American 'double gold eagle' coin was made in 1933 but only 3 were circulated

The US government changed their minds and ordered them all to be returned - all except three. Two went to museums, 1 was stolen and ended up a private collection. Last auctioned in New York (as far as we can determine) for 





The greatest baseball card collectible of all time! A 1910 Honus Wagner tobacco card -- thought to have on 35 Wagner cards in existence today continues to break records! It's own records in fact. 

1991 auctioned by Sotheby's Antique Auction House to Hockey Star Wayne Gretsky and a partner paid 
1995 Walmart buys the card from Gretsky for a "win the collectible" contest which was won by Patricia Gibbs a 41 year old clerk in Florida. Walmart paid 

And Patrica flipped the card to Christie's Antique Auction House shortly thereafter for an incredible 




What exactly is the definition of antique anyway? Although it varies depending on the source you get it from and the item in question, these seem to be well tested definitions:

An object that is at least one-hundred years of age, actively collected and desirable due to rarity, condition, utility, or some other unique feature.

The dictionary way:
antique (noun) -
any piece of furniture or decorative object or the like produced in a former period and valuable because of its beauty or rarity...

Have News to share on an expensive antique? 


May be the world's most expensive small antique object... It's called an "Olyphant" and was a horn used in ancient battles. Typically carved from ivory and inlaid with gold. This one dated from the 11th century. How much? Went for


















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