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Did you know that there are no licensing for appraisers, so ANYONE can hang up a shingle and call them selves an appraisal.

Be Careful Buying Antiques -- Take Your Time -- As a silly example, I personally had two antique appraisals performed on a bayonet (sword) -- with the difference between the lowest and highest appraisal being seven fold! The highest appraisal was 7 times that of the lowest antique appraisal! (This is just a small excerpt from a wonderful article in CNN/Money on appraisals - the full article can be found at

May be the world's most expensive small antique object...

It's called an "Olyphant" and was a horn used in ancient battles. Typically carved from ivory and inlaid with gold. This one dated from the 11th century. How much? Went for


That figure remains the highest price ever paid at auction for a piece of American furniture.

More and more people are collecting more weird antiques so the supply continues to grow. Professionals and dealers know where to go, what to buy and what to avoid, but what is the less experienced collector start? Many of the questons are answered at Antique Antiques with has many pages on antique toys, clocks, sewing machines and many more collectible items.

The collecting bug is highly contagious. Many remember items from their childhood - toys, baseball cards, pens, pencils, stoves, coins, cribs and more. Many feel that all antiques are expensive -- But, expense (for many) should not be of concern. There of tons of affordable collectable items available for for the new collector.

Most ask... Where can I find antiques at reasonable price. There is no easy answer to this one. Most retail antique shops no the business and have priced their antiques appropriately or over market. Auctions, estate sales and small country stores offer the best opportunity to find antiques at a reasonably or cheap price. Personally, we prefer running the country side looking through small shops. It's time consuming but the drive is enjoyable and you never know what you will find in the small shops. You may find some real antique bargains or at the very least find some unusable items for decoration you house. For example... there not a true antique category for old doors and windows but with a little work they may wonderful accent pieces for your home.