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Antique Dolls & Collectible Dolls

What Are My Old Dolls Worth?

The condition of your antique or collectible dolls will most certainly determine their values. Dolls that are stained or dirty, show significant wear or collectible dolls not presented in their original costume or accessories will bring only a fraction of the price indicated by pricing guides. Dolls presented in an original unopened box will bring very attractive prices. Of course, other factors such as age, rarity, and general demand for the doll will greatly affect the worth of your collectible dolls as well.

Value of your vintage year dolls, especially porcelain ones, depends on the popularity of the artist. Factors such as the quantity produced and how many limited edition numbers were assigned can affect the price as well. And, as with other art pieces, original artists dolls are far more valuable than mass produced ones. Current clothing fashions or popularity of a particular clothing era may influence the popularity of specific types, and thus, increase its value.

Reference books on old dolls are a must for the serious collector! Not only are there a variety of resources available to help you determine the condition and value of your items, but also provide beautiful illustrations. Many books, guides and magazines provide information about manufacturers, trademarks and mold numbers and include size charts to assist in identifying each and every doll. Magazines such as, Antique Doll Collector, offer specialized lists of dealers of antique items such as toys and dolls. However, specialized books and price guides generally only indicate values for dolls in excellent or "mint" condition.. 

With the emergence of the Internet, auction sites such as eBay and Theriault's have become popular avenues for determining current values. However, since the dolls on these sites are purchased without prior physical inspection the selling prices often reflect a reduced value.

As you can see, many factors determine the value, but there can be none more valuable than the one that holds a place in the collector's heart!



We also have some historical information on Porcelain Dolls and Barbie Dolls

One of the Oldest Collectible Dolls!
Mehitabel Hodges, 18th Century
Gift of Mrs. Sophia L. McDonald, 63.46.1. One of the oldest dolls in the United States, Mehitabel was brought to America from Europe in 1724 by Gamaliel Hodges, a sea captain from Salem, Massachusetts, as a gift for his daughter Anstiss. Mehitabel was handed down through seven generations of Hodges' descendants before making the Museum of the City of New York her home. Text and photo from Museum of the City of New York.








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