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 Great Resource for Coin Appraisal:

Coin Appraisal from Antique Antiques

Coin Appraisal:  Remember, like all other items, a coin appraisal provides nothing more than an opinion of value.  The accuracy of an appraisal is suspect at best, because actual value is what somebody is willing to pay!

Coin Appraisal - Some TipsThe internet can be a great place to start your quest in finding someone to provide you with a coin appraisal. But, keep a few things in mind and use these tips:

- As silly as it sounds, look for and verify that the place you are considering doing business with has some credible business background in coin appraisal. Look for a display of membership organization such as the Better Business Bureau

- Ask yourself if you really need to spend money for a coin appraisal. Be realistic, most people will only need a crude approximation on the value of a coin. 

- Coin appraisal books are available in your local library. They are likely a bit out of date, but approximation purposed, they will do just fine.

- For formal coin appraisal, look for a licensed appraiser. In 1989 (following the multi-billion dollar savings and loan scandal) Congress passed legislation mandating all states to set up licensing programs for appraisers.  Licensed appraisers must adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This is a set of strict ethical and professional guidelines developed by a nonprofit organization called the Appraisal Foundation. 

- Coin appraisal references: One of the most highly publicized books on the subject is: 
The Coin Collector's Survival Manual, by Scott Travers
It has been called  "one of the most important coin books ever written" by The New York Times and has sold more than 80,000 copies. It has received five awards from the prestigious Numismatic Literary Guild ...

Note: We are not experts on coin appraisal and highly recommend you do your own research.  We have taking some time to gather a few good links for you and listed them below.



double eagle gold coin - super rare!

The 'double gold eagle', made in 1933 auction for over $7,000,000.













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