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Knopf Collectors' Guides -- some of the best antique guides on the market today. And, many times your local public library will have them.





First Check the Guides... Then do the Shopping

Antique Guides and Shopping

from PRWeb wire service 2/17/2003...
Antiques hit the web in a whole new way, but how do you find them?

A resource for locating antiques, dealers, shops, and malls in the USA and on the web!

Antiques, old stuff, a bit of history, but junk?

Yes, some people may call it junk, but to millions of hungry antique shoppers in the world, this junk could be more precious than a new car! Antique malls and shops are popping up faster than fast food restaurant chains. Perhaps it is the idea of snooping through personal belongings, or the idea of peeking into the past for an afternoon, but for each person there is a reason to love antiques!

So how does a person go about finding antiques on the Internet? The most common way would, of course, be a search engine. These websites are handy for quick searches, however, they tend to include much more than what you are looking for. It is easy to understand how someone could get anxious and upset when looking for antiques and finding a website pertaining to new hair growth, or the ever present adult websites.

With that in mind, The Antique Shopping Guide has come up with a solution to this problem! A new company that is just now beginning to make itís presence known on the web, the antique shopping guide is a comprehensive list of antique dealers, malls, stores, small Mom & Pop type shops and more. They offer a broad range of advertising options for business owners to choose from, as well as a classified section for dealers without websites to promote their items.

Browse through antique shops in your area, or, are you going on vacation soon? Look up antique shops in the area you plan on visiting and set up a schedule to visit them when you get there! Business owners also have the option of offering printable coupons for the customer to print out and take with them on their visit.

Another once recommended guide is from acguide - called the antiques and collectible guide. However, this guide has been absorbed by, so we are not sure of its' future.